Why Millenials Love Succulents…

Last weekend, I repotted my succulents. This wouldn’t be so unusual, except for the fact that I am renowned for being the least green-fingered person. And I don’t own a garden. Despite coming from a family of passionate gardeners, I’ve never even managed to keep a basil plant alive for longer than it takes to make the bowl of pasta it’s garnishing. To make matters worse, our flat is south facing with many large windows lining the front. This means that anything placed in the living room is instantly fried, whilst anything placed in the kitchen at the back is tortured with a critical lack of sunlight. But, after being handed a money plant to look after last year, I’ve discovered that succulents are unkillable. And it’s not just me who loves them, they line the shelves and desks of my friends and work mates, too. It would seem that millenials bloody love succulents…. But why?! 

They don’t die 

Millennials are battered with rejection for most of their lives. Whether it’s a mortgage application or a job interview, we’re exposed to it, a lot. I’m sure we’ve all been there, arriving home from another unsuccessful interview, car has a flat battery, fridge is empty… “and now my plant has diiiieeedd”, we’ve wailed. Not with succulents. No death, no rejection. 

They love neglect 

The best thing about succulents is we can be proud of our ability to keep them alive, whilst knowing that all we do is leave them be. Gone away for the weekend and forgotten to water them? They love it! Succulents thrive on neglect, so we can get on with that 50 hour working week without guilt…

They don’t need a garden 

Simple. Succulents thrive whether placed outdoors or indoors. So line your window sills, your bookshelves and fireplaces with succulents, and rejoice in overpriced urban living! 

They reproduce 

So many millennial couples are becoming proud plant parents. “Look, another baby!” I exclaimed to my other half last week. “I’m so proud of you”, he said, watching me carefully transfer tiny aloe vera sprouts to new pots. My aloe vera was gifted to me by a friend at work whose plant propagated. And when my babies are big enough to fly the nest, I will be regifting to family and friends, whether they want plants or not. Christmas presents sorted. 

They look great 

Succulents come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours. Some of them flower, some of them bloom. Some are miniature and some will take over your flat in a matter of days. They’re simple, they match any decor, and they look even better planted in mismatch pots and bowls and mugs picked up in charity shops. And millennials love charity shops. 

Top succulent tips! 
1. Don’t overwater. Let your soil get super dry before giving them a good soaking

2. Porous rocks placed in the bottom of your pots will help keep them hydrated for longer

3. Stick them in the sunniest spot in your house and let them fry

4. Repot your babies and look like a pro. Just break them off, and pop them in fresh soil


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