Abacus Books


This is one of my favourite second-hand bookshops in Manchester. A little out of the city in the suburb of Altrincham, Abacus Books can be found in the town centre, close to Alty Food Market and the main shopping high street. A little like Aladdin’s Cave, Abacus is a cosy unit piled high with all manner of titles. From modern fiction and holiday reads to classics, local interests and vintage Penguins – there’s so much to browse through. Towards the back of Abacus you’ll discover poetry and drama, philosophy, rare antique books and history, but be prepared to breathe in as you venture between shelves!

Last time we were here I scored a collection of Albert Camus Penguins, with amazing front cover art. Not got round to reading any of them yet, but they’re looking great on my to-do pile at least! Well worth a look around, Abacus Books in Altrincham is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am until 5pm.

Abacus Books, Regent Road, Altrincham

Oxfam Books

oxfam books

I’ve had some great book scores at Oxfam Books Altrincham lately. From AM Homes’ This Book Will Save Your Life to John Banham’s The Sea, I always manage to walk out of here with a good haul. There’s a great choice of modern fiction as well as classics, and a dedictaed shelf for rare finds and antique books. As a vinyl collector, too, it’s worth noting that there’s a great selection of music too, but be prepared to pay full whack for good finds.

Oxfam Books, George Street, Altrincham


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