Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights

mr bs

So this bookshop (sorry – Emporium of Reading Delights) may be 3 and a half hours away from home, but I would travel here every single day if I could! Winner of many awards – including Best Independent Bookshop of the Year, twice – Mr B’s is like a weekend away for the bibliophile. From the off, this emporium will impress with it’s privileged location on Bath’s John Street, built into the iconic Georgian stone that lends the city it’s noble persona.

Set over three sprawling floors, the collection of books at Mr B’s is not short of perfection. An excellent choice of modern fiction, classics, philosophy and teen and kids fiction, it’s a haven for spine-cracking enthusiasts. Upstairs you’ll discover art and photography books, as well as an inspiring travel section.

But Mr B doesn’t just stop at books. There’s a reading booth available for hire – where you can zone out, plug in, enjoy a brew, some peace and quiet and your favourite novel. The shop has also won awards for their ‘Book Spa’ experiences, where guests can sit down with a member of staff and have a chat about their favourite books. What results is a pile of recommendations and some pennies to spend on taking your favourites away with you. There’s also a book subscription service that’ll keep you in great reads all year round.

Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, 14/15 John Street, Bath

Julian House Charity Book Shop

©Sam Farr
©Sam Farr

From the outside, this looks like a normal charity shop. Once inside and downstairs, however, Julian House offers a huge range of fiction and non-fiction titles. Located in the Artisan Quarter of Bath, it’s a little walk out of the centre but it’s worth it for the seasoned book hunter! Beneath the shop is a long basement room, which is lined with shelves packed with second hand books, with a great choice of modern fiction. I picked up a couple of Murakami short story collections (as well as a cute dress from the clothing section upstiars!) and managed to while away at least an hour or so browsing here.

Julian House Charity Book Shop, 86 Walcot Street, Bath


Dorothy House Hospice Book & Music Shop

After finding a couple of cute dresses in the Dorothy House Hospice Shop on Bath’s Abbeygate, I noticed the poster in the window for the combined music, film and bookshop on Broad Street. This is one of my favourite streets in Bath – a cute little windy backstreet with some really lovely vintage shops, boutiques and nice little bars and restaurants. The Dorothy House Hospice Bookshop had some great titles, with a fantastic biography section and an even better fiction section, there was plenty of finds to be had. Even more impressive is the giant bath tub made from books in the window.

For those looking for audio and visual entertainment, there’s a great selection of vinyl (even a 3 for 50p box!) and plenty of DVDs and VHS to snap up.

37 Broad St, Bath BA1 5LP


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