Photos // Manchester misty morning

Shot on 35mm colour film, January 2017


Photos // Everything is contained

I live in the suburbs where green things are contained and curated and fenced in and gated off. These boundaries dictate the ways in which we use and enjoy our spaces. Nature is boxed in, told where to grow, and cut back from where it’s not supposed to be.

Shot on a Hasselblad 500cm. Colour 120mm film.


Photos // Desire Paths

Also known as ‘social trails’, or ‘way-finding’, desire paths are often a shortcut between two points that have been tread down by persistent usage. They are (or seem to be) quicker to take than the laid out roads and paths. Town planners are beginning to study them – changing their original road placements to favour that of the general consensus.
In Finland, planners wait until fresh snow has fallen on new paths, then follow footprints in the snow to determine which routes people are preferring to take. This apparently saves vegetation and wildlife, but, in most cities and towns, it saves the displeasing aesthetic of an ungroomed muddy path.