The Urmston Bookshop


72 Flixton Road, Urmston, M41 5AB

I LOVE this little bookshop! Not only is it extremely well stocked, but I always find it thoughtfully stocked. What it lacks in shelf space it more than makes up for with its considered selection of titles and enticing window displays. You’ll always find the latest new releases, the best prize winners and a fantastic collection of classics. And what you can’t find, the lovely owner Frances is happy to order it in! This means everything…. I have overheard some bizarre requests during my browsing time in this shop and it’s always seemed like no problem at all for the staff.
The Urmston Bookshop also does a lot of work with local schools and clubs, running workshops and readings for book-mad kids. There’s a fantastic choice of kids books and crafty bits and pieces – in fact, our last purchase there was a beautiful book of illustrated maps for our 6 year old niece. They have a lovely range of lit-inspired gifts too, as well as gorgeously illustrated greetings cards and wrapping paper. With coffee and cake on the go, too, you’ll find it impossible to walk by this little boutique without popping in for a browse!

(Images taken from their fantastic website and online shop here)

Oxfam Urmston


10 Station Street, Urmston, M41 9SB

This Urmston stalwart is a hidden emporium of literary goodies! I’ve had a few really good finds here recently, including a rare copy of Julian Barnes’ Arthur & George (still on my ever-growing ‘to-read’ pile!). Oxfam Urmston always have a really great mixed bag of titles, from easy holiday reads to more meaty novels. I’ve also picked up a few decent penguin classics to add to my orange spined collection! Even better, they regularly hold half-price events where you can seriously stock up your shelves and give to charity at the same time. Ideal!


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