The Whitby Bookshop


If anything, it’s worth visiting this shop for it’s awesome staircase alone! Nestled on Church Street in the hub of the town centre, The Whitby Bookshop is a cute little indepedent boutique with a great range of fiction, local writing, gifts and stationary. Local artists showcase their postcards with a difference here, and it’s a fantastic place to shelter from the battering wind and rain that so often gives Whitby it’s Gothic reputation.

Whilst the first floor will satify the tourist in you with it’s carefully curated choice of gifts, holiday reads and homeware, venturing up the winding staircase opens you up to a world of literary gems. Not only will you leave here with a pile of books to read on the beach, but there’s also a regular reading group meet up for locals, as well as a calendar of events throughout the year.

The Whitby Bookshop, 88 Church Street, Whitby



Aah, to enjoy a good book and a pot of tea! Beckett’s in Whitby is a cosy little cafe that encourages guests to pick up a fork, dig into some cake and flick through  second hand novel. Thoroughly dog friendly and welcoming to all, Beckett’s has a bustling, community-led feel to it. Named after one of the greats, it’s easy to pick up a modern classic or two – I discovered a weathered copy of Johnathon Coe’s House of Sleep here, as well as a fantastic slice of cake.

Beckett’s Coffee Shop, 9 Skinner Street, Whitby

Endeavour Books


A bit of a stalwart in Whitby town centre, Endeavour Books is tucked away on Grape Lane just a short stroll away from the harbour. A bit of an Aladdin’s cave, Endeavour is stacked floor to ceiling with everything from holiday reads to classics and local history. It’s a cosy little space where you’ve got no option but to get up close and personal with the second hand books on offer here.

The owners have always been exceptionally friendly and helpful when we’ve visited, and it’s obvious to see their passion for second-hand books. Whether picking up something light for a beach read or looking for a little background to Whitby’s fascinating nautical history, Endeavour Books is well worth an exploration.

Endeavour Books, 1 Grape Lane, Whitby


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